Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Movie Reviews #12)

This movie starts where Breaking Dawn Part 1 left off, having Bella turned into a newborn ever since her devastating birth. She was going to die either way, so Edward had to change her to a vampire.  Her new child, Renesmee, has been imprinted on by Jake. Because of this, he now follows her wherever she goes. Renesmee, also known as Ness, is not completely a vampire or completely a human, but rather a hybrid of the two. However, an old relative of the Cullens sees Ness playing in the snow and assumes she is a 100% vampire child. There is a dark history about these children vampires, so the Volturi steps in to kill Ness. The movie basically focuses on Bella trying to fit in as a newborn and the group trying to collect as many vampire comrades to witness the fact that Ness grows and is as much human as she is vampire.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Action
Time: 1 hour 55 min
Series: Twilight #5
Based on: Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
Director: Bill Condon
Production Company: Summit Entertainment

Plot +: The plot has really improved since the last movie and I think that it actually fits the original story of the Twilight series better. Instead of having the entire movie focused on one of the main protagonists, Bella in the case of the last movie, the plot is focused more on the additional character of Renesmee as well as the romance between Bella and Edward. After all, the movie is based on a romance book in the first place, might as well actually have it focus on romance.
Story -: I think story elements, such as Bella’s newfound vampire abilities, were not discussed enough. Her vampire abilities were just assumed. Although this is more of a problem with the book and not the movie, I do have to say that I felt that Bella’s abilities were a little ridiculous. Every vampire in the universe of vampires has had issues dealing with their new abilities, issues with controlling them. Bella miraculously has more control of herself than any other vampire even though she has never been a vampire before and even though she has never showed any sign of strength before.
Characters -: Ness is a completely new character and we don’t even know anything about her. The other characters are the same old and if you did not care about them before, you certainly won’t now.
Dialogue +: The dialogue posed no issues. The dialogue was smooth and every line flowed easily.
Music +: The music was actually pretty good. I can’t say that I remember any songs directly from my viewing but after listening to the soundtrack again, I found a lot of variety within the songs.
Special Effects -: The special effects were awkward throughout. This was true in the example of when Ness jumped into the air once. She just looked so weird while doing it.
Acting -: The acting is not terrible, but it feels forced throughout the movie. I don’t think any of the actors were really happy to be in it.
Errors +: I don’t recall any errors.
Camera +: The camera was pretty good throughout. There were other movies to the franchise that had bad camera angles, but Breaking Dawn Part 2 had nice camera angles.
Length +: I thought the length was fine and fitted the plot well. It didn’t feel too short or too long.
Humor -: I don’t remember anything funny happening. I understand that comedy is not a motive for this genre, but you can still have comedic moments in any genre.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality was fine; I never recalled any instances of issues understanding what was said.
Plot Consistency +: I thought the plot focus stayed consistent throughout.
Series Consistent +: This movie actually follows the world of Twilight more than the previous installment. The previous installment focused solely on Bella’s pregnancy. While that may be a hefty part of the book, it still derailed from the initial plot of Twilight.
Re-watch Ability -: This movie is one of the better installments of the series, but I still think that Eclipse is the one to watch among all of them.
Setting +: The setting was varied and enjoyable. Instead of just having the setting be the Cullen’s house, it is instead in places all over the world.

Quality Score: 7/10

Entertainment Score: 7/10

I don’t think this movie was too bad, for Twilight movies that is. For all Twilight movies, I still wouldn’t say to watch this movie over Eclipse, but if you look at my scores, they are pretty close. I suppose watch this movie if you’re looking for some series consistency, but if you are looking for a more enjoyable movie in general, watch Eclipse.


Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Movie Reviews #11)

Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the 4th installment in the 5 movie series based on the books of the same names. In this movie, Edward and Bella have their wedding. Of course Jake throws a hissy fit when he finds out that the duo is going to have their honeymoon without Bella being changed into a vampire. In other words, he worries that Edward is going to severely hurt Bella through the process of sex. Once Bella and Edward get to Rio de Janeiro for their honeymoon, you start to witness how much strength Edward has during sex. After having sex for 2 weeks straight, Bella becomes pregnant. Of course, everyone, except the family-obsessed Rosalie, is quick to tell Bella to have an abortion. The wolves are even planning on killing the baby once it is born because it breaks the treaty established earlier in the franchise. Bella, being the genius that she is, decides to keep the baby. So, Breaking Dawn part 1 is just seeing Bella’s pregnancy and how it affects her and the others.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Time: 1 hour 57 minutes
Series: Twilight #4
Based on: Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
Director: Bill Condon
Production Company: Summit Entertainment

Plot -: The plot is pretty basic and rather boring. I think following Bella’s pregnancy, even if it is paranormal pregnancy, is not that interesting. I will admit that seeing her basically shrivel away from this parasite of a child is entertaining in a way, however, it isn’t entertaining enough.
Story +: There aren’t many story elements but a clear one is the love between Jake and Bella. Most of the time it is not too annoying. There was part of the story that I think was not developed enough, but it’s so minor that it is not necessary to consider heavily.
Characters -: The characters were unnecessarily annoying in this edition. If you have read my other Twilight movie reviews, you should know how I feel about Edward and Bella. I’ll mention it again just in case you are unaware. I really do not like Bella or Edward as characters. I feel as though their relationship is too awkward and just doesn’t work. I also felt that Rosalie was annoying in this edition because she was so family-obsessed that she didn’t care for Bella’s safety. Throughout the movie, it is clear that Bella cannot handle this baby; it seems like it will kill her. However, instead of agreeing with what everyone else is saying, Rosalie is enabling Bella’s stupid fantasy just because she has always wanted a family of her own. She was essentially living her dream through Bella.
Dialogue +: I thought the dialogue was fine. Unlike the other editions in the franchise, there were no issue with the dialogue with Breaking Dawn Part 1.
Music +: The music was fine. The music in Twilight movies is usually rock or punk rock themed and works well.
Special Effects -: The special effects were a little awkward. One example, is an effect later in the movie that just looks a little too fake.
Acting -: The acting, especially Kristen Stewart’s, has improved, but it still feels a little awkward. The Twilight movies are notorious for awkward acting due to the weird pauses and glances that all the actors and actresses do.
Errors +: I don’t recall any devastating plot holes or anything.
Camera +: The camera has improved since the last one. The previous installments of the Twilight movies usually consist of awkward camera work that derive from the overall experience, however, this installment did not consist of this.
Length +: The length suited the plot. I did not think the length was too short or too long.
Humor -: I do not recall any moments of humor. I think that every movie within every genre can have at least a moment of humor.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality is fine. The sound quality is always fine with Twilight movies.
Plot Consistency +: The plot stayed consistent throughout.
Re-watch Ability -: I can’t really imagine watching this movie again because if you like the series, I really don’t think this is among the better ones. It’s actually pretty boring.
Setting -: The setting is actually a little boring because it’s basically just the Cullen’s house. I usually like simple settings because it is easy to wrap your mind around them, but this setting was a bit too simple for me.
Series Consistency -: The series is solely around Edward and Bella and the vampire world, and I feel like this movie doesn’t actually follow that. Instead, the movie follows Bella’s pregnancy.

Quality Score: 6/10

Entertainment Score: 6.5/10

I really don’t recommend this movie. I think this movie is only okay in comparison to the other movies in the series but in comparison to movies in general, it certainly disappoints. The boring plot along with the annoying characters makes watching this movie a chore to watch. I would only say watch this movie if you are a fan of the Twilight series.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Video Game Reviews #10)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is another installment of the Legend of Zelda Series. And if you’re wondering where it fits in with the timeline, it is right after A Link to the Past. The story is about Yuga, an evil sorcerer, taking Princess Zelda away from Hyrule to the corrupt land of Lorule. In order to bring Ganon back, Yuga takes all Seven Sages into custody and turns them into paintings. The only way to stop him is for Link to use a magic bracelet that allows him to morph into walls; thus, saving the Seven Sages.
Console: 3DS
Series: Legend of Zelda
Rating: E
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo

Story +: There are a wide variety of options as far as side quests you can do. I know this does not count as a side quest but the heart piece locations are all different with some requiring a certain amount of thought put into how to get them and others being easy to get.
Plot +: I will admit something. The plot is pretty basic; there is nothing too special about it. However, I feel that the plot is also pretty creative in its own way. The fact that you had to morph into walls and save the Seven Sages, who turn into paintings, is pretty unique and original.
Music +: It’s a Zelda title, so of course the music is good. There is a great mix of old songs as well as new songs. The orchestration is fantastic and you hear a wide variety of instruments throughout the game. Some may say that the music in the game could be TOO similar to older games in the series, however, this is not the case because the music in Zelda games is honestly always so good that you never get tired of it.
Series Consistency +: The classic Legend of Zelda characters such as Zelda and Link are also used in this newer edition to the Zelda franchise.
Framerate +: I saw no issues with the frame rate. The game ran smoothly throughout my experiences.
Creativity +: The puzzles included are unique and intelligent. The main game mechanic provided, the ability to become 2D and walk along walls, allows for unexplored puzzles to be possible. What I mean is, puzzles that were not possible in previous games in the series were now possible on this game thanks to the 2D game mechanic.
Art +: The art style simulates that of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with a more modern look to it. It is beautiful.
Gameplay +: The gameplay follows the same recipe as all Zelda games: find the dungeon, go through all areas in the dungeon, get the necessary weapon, and use that weapon to beat the enemy. It is simplistic, yet enjoyable. Some may think that it would get tiring, however, I have played multiple Zelda games and it is not tiring in any sense of the word.
Replay Value +: There is a feature offered in every Zelda game called the “Hero Mode” which basically is a new challenge to beat the game again, except with enemies that are much harder. This setting allows for new possibilities regarding gameplay; thus, providing a direct method of replay-ability for players.
Control –: I had issues with the controls of the game. The hit detection was sometimes not as responsive as I would have liked. In other words, sometimes I would hit enemies and it would not register my hit.
Satisfaction of Winning +: The game was very satisfying whenever you beat a puzzle or boss.
Plot Consistency +: The plot stayed consistent throughout the game.
Difficulty +: The game was not too difficult but raised difficulty fairly towards the end. I truly appreciated this because a nice difficulty curve throughout a game can really add to the entertainment value.
Graphics +: The graphics looked fine, but I wouldn’t recommend you using the 3D feature while playing the game. The game can get a bit intense whilst playing and you may want to move your hands around as you play. Moving your hands around while in the 3D mode can cause eye strain.
Quality of Plot +: The plot was fairly standard for Zelda, but it was not too basic either.
Animation +: The animation was good and I had no problems with it.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality was fine. There was never any instances where the sound effects sounded fuzzy or unclear.
Sound Effects +: The sound effects were similar to other Zelda games. This could be a bad thing due to the fact that the sound effects could be perceived as being repetitive. However, it was easy to wrap my mind around, considering that I am a huge Zelda fan.
Grammar +: There were no issues within the dialogues and story. Everything was spelled right and made sense.
Camera -: I had a few issues with the camera because I was not accustomed to the overhead perspective the game relies on.
Glitches +: There were no game breaking glitches, or any other glitches that I can remember.

Quality Score
: 9/10

Entertainment Score:


I loved this game! Granted, I could just be giving it such good scores based on the fact that I am a major fan of the series. Regardless, this game is worth playing if you haven’t done so yet. Even though I encountered some issues, this game is probably the best game I have played in a long time. I beat it faster than I have ever beat a game. Play it now.

Tabletop Simulator (Video Game Reviews #9)

Tabletop Simulator is pretty self-explanatory. It is just a game with tabletop games provided. Some include: Chinese checkers, chess, Jenga, Dark Souls the Board Game, and more.
Console: PC (Steam)
Genre: Board game/Simulation
Developer: Berserk Games

Music -: There was really only one track that played in this game and it was the opening sequence song. It felt like a looping annoyance. It played in the main menu of the game and I hated it. This is most likely a preference of mine, but, I felt that the song was rather annoying.
Optimization -: Tabletop Simulator was too finicky about the internet connection. I am a college student and the Wi-Fi on my campus is only okay. That being said, the game crashed and disconnected WAY too often. It should be important to note that my computer is a potato but even taking this into account, the game will still crash too much. If one person crashes in a server, everyone crashes.
Creativity +: I do have to say that the game is creative. It is unique to have board games available for people to play online.
Art -: The art was not superb in any form of the word. When a player would be playing a game, chess for instance, there would be weird backgrounds behind the game. One example was a street. I was playing chess once and the background was just a curb on a sidewalk. I think the background images would have been better if they were just backgrounds you would see in a house or something. A curb does not make sense for playing a board game. Who would play chess out on the street anyway?
Graphics +: I thought the graphics were fine, however, they were not that special. I have to give the creators credit though because this is an indie game and it looks pretty good.
Gameplay +: The gameplay works well enough. I never had any instances of anything regarding gameplay affecting my experiences.
Replay Value -: This game is only replay-able if you have no other option as far as playing board games with someone. What I mean is, if you like board games and all your friends live in different states, then it could be replay-able. Otherwise, you’re better off playing a real board game.
Control -: Oh boy, the controls. I really did not like the controls at all. I never felt like I was in control of the game and it always felt like it would be better if I were playing a real life board game instead of this game. For example, there is an option to play with a deck of cards. Handling the cards was such a hassle and it did not have the same feeling that handling cards in real life has. I think the controls are what kills me about this game. I got really frustrated with the controls 90% of the time.
Satisfaction of Winning +: If you get satisfied with winning in board games, then you will be satisfied with winning in this game.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality was fine and every sound effect was clear.
Sound Effects +: I felt that the sound effects were fine. Nothing stood out too much but nothing was too annoying either.
Camera -: The camera was easily fixable but it was so annoying to have to fix it all the time.
Glitches +: There were never any game breaking glitches.

Quality Score: 7/10

Entertainment Score: 7/10

I think this game has good aspects and bad aspects. For example, the controls in this game are horrendous but I felt that it was pretty creative to make a video game about board games. Because of this game, I was able to pay board games with people who lived in different states than me. With that being said, this game should only be played if you absolutely have no other means of playing board games besides online. Otherwise, this game is pretty mediocre. If the controls are problematic in a game, it is difficult to recommend it.

Eclipse (Movie Reviews #10)

Eclipse is the third part of the Twilight movie series. It continues the story after New Moon, with Edward’s request to marry Bella not answered. Throughout Eclipse, however, the question remains on the table. Now that Bella and Edward are together, Victoria’s hunt for Bella continues. To jog your memory from Twilight, Victoria and James were in a relationship, however, after James attacked Bella, Edward and the gang killed James. So, Victoria is trying to kill Bella to make Edward feel what she felt.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Action
Time: 2 hours 4 minutes
Series: Twilight #3
Based on: Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
Director: David Slade
Production Company: Summit Entertainment

Plot +: The plot, I have to say, was one of the better ones of the series as far as movies go. I felt that the plot made sense to the actual overarching plot of the series as a whole. In other words, Eclipse actually continued the story of the romance between a vampire and a human. New Moon seemed to derive from the plot of the series and did not feel like it fit in well.
Story +: I liked how in Eclipse, we actually got to see the back stories of some of the characters. I’m not going to say that the back stories are completely unique or enjoyable but it was still nice to hear them nonetheless.
Characters -: I don’t enjoy most of the characters in the Twilight series anyway but in this movie, even the ones that I do enjoy became annoying. Bella and Edward are as annoying as usual but Jacob becomes even more annoying during this film. He is so obsessed with Bella and needs to have her in his life at all costs. He doesn’t take any hints and it gets on not only Bella’s skin but also the audience’s. Bella and Edward are the same old same old. They desperately love each other but are so weird and strange together.
Dialogue +: The dialogue was honestly better this time around. This is most likely due to the fact that a lot of the focus was on other characters.
Music +: The music in Twilight movies is usually tolerable. It had a rock feel to it and it fit the setting well.
Special Effects +: The special effects have improved dramatically since the last movie. They still do have their quirks sometimes, but they aren’t horrible.
Suspense +: The action actually leads you to have some suspenseful moments that were executed well.
Acting -: While the acting has improved, it still isn’t the best. The delivery is still awkward and there are still annoying pauses.
Errors +: I don’t recall any errors.
Camera -: There were a lot of unnecessary face shots throughout. This actually helped the acting be even more uncomfortable.
Length +: The length made sense to the plot.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality was fine. I never recalled a moment where I could not hear what the actors/actresses were saying.
Plot Consistency +: As improved from the previous installment, Eclipse actually stays true to the plot throughout.
Re-watch Ability +: I could actually see reasons to re-watch this movie. I would recommend this movie over all the other ones in the series.
Series Consistency +: I think this movie relates to the plot of Twilight better.

Quality Score: 8.5/10

Entertainment Score: 7/10

I think Eclipse might be my favorite Twilight movie. Like I have said before, this movie does not make sense unless you watch New Moon and Twilight. Even though this is my favorite movie of the series, that is not saying much. I would only recommend this movie for those who enjoy the franchise.

New Moon (Movie Reviews #9)

New Moon is the second movie adaptation in the Twilight book franchise. Thus, it follows the plot of the book by the same name. The movie starts with Bella’s birthday where you soon realize how much Bella hates that she is getting older. At a birthday party thrown by Alice, an incident involving Bella and Jaspar occurs, bringing Edward to reconsider his relationship with her. Through various circumstances, Edward and his family decide to leave town. Unfortunately, Bella could not follow along. Because of her obsession with her vampire “hottie”, she delves into a depression; that is, until she goes to hang with Jacob. They spend a lot of time together and because of this, the audience starts to realize what chemistry they really have. Bella even says that she feels happy around him. However, after doing some dangerous stunts, she starts to hallucinate little Edwards warning her of her actions’ consequences. Because she is desperate to see Edward, Bella continues to do these dangerous stunts until one of her actions prompts the real Edward to think she’s dead. Then, he goes to the Volturi, basically the Vampire Council, to commit suicide since “his only reason for existence” is supposedly dead. To prevent Edward from killing himself, Bella has to go to the Vulturi in Italy to save him.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Action
Time: 2 hours 10 minutes
Series: Twilight
Based on: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer
Director: Chris Wietz
Production Company: Summit Entertainment

Plot +: In this part of the Twilight saga, Bella and Edward are split. I actually like that and hoped that the main plot line would continue without Edward because of the fact that Edward is quite possibly the most annoying character in the series, in my opinion.
Story +: I actually really liked the majority of the story elements in this movie. For example, Jacob and Bella’s growing relationship is warm and inviting and enjoyable to witness.
Characters -: I will admit one thing: I do like most of the other outside characters like: Jacob, Alice, and Emmett. However, I can only give the characters a negative point because of the characterization on Bella and Edward, the two main characters. I also did not particularly like either of them and thought that their actions and thoughts were quite annoying. They are lifeless and are so awkward around each other that it doesn’t make any sense why they’re together in the first place.
Dialogue +: I don’t remember having any instances of bad dialogue. The dialogue throughout the Twilight movies is usually fine.
Music +: The Twilight movies have a theme of having pretty good punk-rock music throughout. The setting is a small town full of teens; thus, punk-rock music fits the setting and characters well.
Special Effects -: I did think that the special effects on the wolves were good at one point, upon further review, I realized the special effects weren’t very good. The later Twilight movies get the special effects down better than this one.
Suspense -: The romance genre does not initially use suspense, but the paranormal romance genre allows for suspense. This movie didn’t take up the opportunity at any point.
Acting -: The Twilight movies have a tendency to have poor acting quality. The delivery amongst all actors is dry and there are unnecessary, uncomfortable pauses.
Errors +: I do not recall any errors.
Camera -: A lot of the camera involved unnecessary zooming in and moving. I can see what Wietz was trying to do with this. He was most likely trying to experiment with different camera techniques. However, the experimentation was not ideal and detracted from the viewing experience.
Length -: I thought the length was fine, but I do have to say that the entire end of the movie was not enjoyable for me. Like I said before, I really enjoyed Jacob and Bella’s aesthetic and thought they worked out well together as a couple. The movie should have been cut before Bella and Edward met up in the end.
Humor -: Because of the awkward acting, usually due to most of the actors’ discomfort, no lines actually had humorous quality.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality was fine. For example, there was never an issue where the dialogue was difficult to hear.
Plot Consistency +: The plot stayed fairly consistent. Although the plot was easy to stay consistent due to the simplicity of it.
Re-watch Ability -: I would not say that the movie is worth a re-watch due to the fact that there are so many problems with it that can detract from the overall watching experience. Such an example of this is the awkward acting.
Creativity -: The movie is based on a book, so it is not very creative. I never read the books so I do not know if the movie tried anything new.
Sets +: The sets were nice and conveyed the atmosphere of the movie well.
Series Consistency -: The series’ story was actually not consistent with the series because Edward left for a significant amount of time. The whole point of the series is a romance between Bella and Edward, so, if Edward leaves, it detracts from the actual consistency of the plot.
Quality Score: 5/10

Entertainment Score: 6/10

This movie is a part of a series, so, you need to watch the first Twilight, Twilight, in order to fully understand New Moon. However, I must say that even though these movies are based on books of the same titles, you can still understand the story line without reading the books. Let’s be honest though, it’s not like the story is extremely complex to begin with. All in all, I would only recommend this movie if you’ve seen the first movie and liked it enough to keep watching the series or you like the series in general.

My Neighbor Totoro (Movie Reviews #8)

Well, this movie was certainly interesting. Even though I had already watched My Neighbor Totoro before and thought it was strange to say the least, I thought a second viewing would change my viewpoint. Upon watching it a second time, however, I realized it was just as odd as I remembered. There really is no clear story line to follow, but I will try my best to sum up what I can. The movie starts with a family of three: a father, and 2 daughters: Mei and Satsuki. The eldest daughter, Satsuki, was developed to be naturally mature while still having child-like qualities, which I really appreciated. Her younger sister, Mei, acts like her age of four but is not too annoying. The family dynamic of the three is honestly what made me want to keep watching. There is clear love among the trio and it almost spreads through your TV screen while you are watching. The mother of the family is unfortunately in the hospital and throughout the story, her condition keeping her there is as much a mystery to you as it is to the main protagonists. I would mention the “spirits” of the forest because they are a part of this movie, a pretty big part too, but I feel like the movie honestly did not need them. Plus I don’t really think that I could explain them anyway.
Rating: G
Genre: Family/Animated
Time: 1 hour 38 minutes
Director: Hayao Miyasaki
Production Company: Studio Ghibli


Plot +: I feel that the plot was fine. At the end of the day, it is a basic animated family plot with people trying to live their lives normally.
Story +: I liked the story elements. The character chemistry was constructed very well. I also really liked the family dynamic and the various character interactions. I do have to say that there were some elements of the story that seemed meaningless. For instance, I felt that the spirits were not necessary and were downright confusing. However, that is my opinion and I am not going to count that as a negative.
Characters +: Even though Satsuki and Mei were quite loud in the beginning of the movie, they were not intended to be annoying. They were just being developed as rowdy kids. Later on, you see what kind characters they really are and you fall in love with them.
Dialogue +: All the dialogue was well constructed and I really think the English version was made well. Even though the English version was constructed well, I am unsure how the Japanese version holds up due to the fact that I did not watch the Japanese version of the movie.
Lip Sync +: The lip sync was fantastic.
Music +: The music was good, but not great. It will not be very memorable, but it was not bad at all. I did think it was lazy that there were only 2 songs.
Animation +: Studio Ghibli is renowned for their animation quality and My Neighbor Totoro is no exception.
Voice Acting +: The voices suited the characters quite well.
Errors +: I did notice a single error, but it was so minor that I’ll let it pass.
Length +: The length was perfect.
Humor -: There weren’t any instances of humor, so, I can’t have this be a positive aspect.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality was superb.
Re-watch Ability +: I would only re-watch this movie for the family dynamic and the characters. I would NOT re-watch this movie for the actual meat of the plot or anything.
Creativity +: If there is one thing to say about this movie is that it is creative.
Setting +: I really liked the farmland-esque Japan setting.

Quality Score: 9/10

Entertainment Score: 8.5/10

I really think this movie is not suitable for most people. There is no clear foundation for anyone to truly understand what is going on throughout the movie. Even though the scores are very high for this movie, they are just numbers. A VERY important aspect to any movie was just skimmed over and I think that should not be taken lightly, especially when you may have to purchase a DVD or Blu-ray in order to watch this movie.  I would only recommend My Neighbor Totoro for the characters and the family dynamic. Otherwise, I would skip it.