Scribblenauts Unlimited (Video Game Reviews #4)


Siblings Maxwell and Lily one day find a hungry old man. Being the mischievous kids they are, they decide to pull a prank on him. Maxwell uses a magical journal given to him by his parents that allows him to write anything in it and it will appear. So, of course, he decides to write in a rotten apple to give to the man. He soon becomes enraged from this prank and casts a spell on Lily that slowly turns her to stone. Desperate to help his sister, Maxwell takes Lily to his older brother Edwin’s farm. Edwin tells Maxwell that in order to save Lily, he has to collect starites by helping people. So, the whole of the game is you playing as Maxwell collecting said starites.
Console: PC, Android, Wii U, 3DS, & iOS
Series: Scribblenauts
Rating: E 10+
Time Taken to Complete: 22 hours
Genre: Adventure/Casual
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Music +: The music was fine.
Framerate +: I thought the framerate was perfect. The animation was beautiful and easy on the eyes.
Creativity +: The game is solely based on the creativity on each individual player. I really liked this idea and the only reason I haven’t made it a negative point due to being in a series is because I have never played any other Scribblenauts game.
Art +: The art was beautiful and the colors were vibrant throughout.
Graphics +: I thought the graphics were fine.
Gameplay +: The gameplay literally allows you to be as creative as you want to be. The entirety of the gameplay is you figuring out what objects to create in order to solve various people’s issues.
Replay Value -: I think the game, once beat, has no replay ability because the story is pretty linear. You can’t really go on your own path.
Control +: The controls were so simple, they almost couldn’t go wrong.
Satisfaction of Winning -: Even though you have to go through quite a bit of effort to get starites, I don’t remember feeling very satisfied whenever I won a level.
Consistency of Plot +: The plot remained consistent throughout.
Difficulty +: The game is very easy, almost too easy. If you want a challenge, this is a very casual game and not for you.
Plot +: The plot was actually pretty cute and worked well with the game.
Story -: The plot was honestly not very complex and because of this, there wasn’t any room for story elements.
Side Quest Quality -: The game is really linear, so there aren’t any possibilities for side quests to be provided.
Animation +: The animation was fine.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality was never an issue.
Sound Effects +: The sound effects fit the game well.
Proofreading +: I don’t remember any kind of errors in the writing. However, there really wasn’t any writing throughout the game.
Glitches -: I remembered a lot of glitches that would make it seem like I completed all the starrites in an area but the map showed that I didn’t. This definitely brought away the entertainment value because I desperately wanted to fully complete the game but I was unable to figure out how to without searching online.

Quality Score: 7.5/10

Entertainment Score: 8/10

I have never played any other Scribblenauts game, so, I’m not sure if this is the best game in the series. I will say that this game was enjoyable throughout and kept me relaxed as I played. I would recommend this game, but it is very short and simplistic in gameplay, so, understand that before purchasing Scribblenauts Unlimited.



V for Vendetta (Movie Reviews #4)

V for Vendetta starts off with a girl and a man getting ready to go out. There is a curfew and Evey, the girl, gets in trouble with the police for being out so late. However, V, the male, comes in and saves the day. V then takes Evey to the top of a building with a clear view of the Old Bailey, a building he blows up. After this event, the government turns against Evey and V, who seem to be terrorists. The rest of the movie is basically V’s plot to blow up Parliament due to the fact that the government has become too controlling. Evey is essentially affected by all of this because she is usually with V.
Director: James McTeigue
Production Company:
Warner Brothers
Based on:
V for Vendetta comic series by DC/Vertigo Comics
Time: 2 hours 12 minutes

Plot +: I felt that the plot was unique and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the experience. Every little twist that happened was unexpected and genuine. I also felt that the exposition was introduced well. There was not a part in the movie where I was confused and every time I did have questions, they were answered later on.
Story -:
There weren’t that many story elements but there was one romance that blossoms at the very end of the movie. I felt that this came out of nowhere and did not fit the movie well at all.
Character +:
V for Vendetta really focuses on V, Evey, and the Inspector (Finch). V is a man with black hair to his shoulders who always wears a Guy Fawkes mask. He is an amazing and strong fighter. He is also determined to get revenge for an event that scarred him for life. Evey is a seemingly regular girl, however, the audience sees later on how strong she really is. She’s strong in a more emotional way while V is strong in a more physical way. Finch is a determined inspector. Even though there is a focus on Finch, the audience learns the most about V and Evey. My favorite character would probably be V due to the fact that he is such a powerful and strong character.
Dialogue +:
The dialogue, especially V’s, is superb. V uses alliterations constantly and beautiful combinations of words that I’ve never heard before.
Music -:
The music is okay, I suppose. It honestly did not stick with me at all.
Special Effects -:
The movie didn’t have many special effects, except for blood. Honestly, the blood looked pretty bad.
Suspense -:
I do recall moments of being on the edge of my seat, however, this was not from suspenseful moments. I was usually on the edge of my seat when there was a twist that I didn’t expect.
Acting +:
The acting is phenomenal. I really enjoyed Natalie Portman’s performance as Evey. There was one part where Evey was in extreme anger and you could really feel the emotion through the television screen.
Errors +:
There were no errors as far as I could tell.
Camera +:
The camera was perfectly fine throughout.
Length -:
This is where I get to rant about this movie. I really did enjoy watching V for Vendetta, but, the length was just much too long for my taste. The movie is longer than 2 hours and I honestly feel like it could have been cut a little bit. There’s this entire scene that lasts probably 30 minutes or so and I felt like it wasn’t necessary at all. To be perfectly honest, after watching it, I still don’t see the point of that whole scene.
Sound Quality -:
Towards the beginning of the movie, the music was a little too loud and I couldn’t understand what V was saying when he was narrating.
Plot Consistency +:
The plot stays consistent.
Re-watch Ability +: The movie is really good and worth watching over and over.
Creativity -:
V for Vendetta is based on comics, so, it’s not creative.
Setting/Sets +: The settings are varied and look great. This is especially true with V’s house. His house is sort of medieval themed while still having newer technologies, such as a jukebox.

Quality Score: 6.5/10

Entertainment Score: 9/10

I really enjoyed this movie. I know that the quality score is pretty low, but the entertainment score is a little more accurate to how I feel towards V for Vendetta. I normally would not watch movies a second time but this is not true with V for Vendetta. I would watch this movie again and again until I memorized every line. Even though it’s a thriller, I feel like a lot of people will be able to enjoy it. If you are in the mood for a movie that has a few twists that gets you on the edge of your seat along with memorable characters, V for Vendetta is perfect for you.

Animal Crossing (Game Reviews #3)

The game starts with you on a train where a cat named Rover describes the new town you will be moving to. This is where the option to name yourself as well as the town presents itself. Once you are finished naming, you reach the town. As soon as you arrive, the local shop owner, a raccoon named Tom Nook, comes to sell you one of the 4 houses available for purchase. When you pick a house, the cost comes up to be 19,800 bells (bells are the form of currency in Animal Crossing), however, you only have 1,000 bells. In order to pay back Tom Nook, he has you work for him for a little while. The rest of the game is you paying your debt back while still having independence as to do what you want to do. Some activities include: fossil hunting, fishing, shopping and helping your neighbors. Your fellow townspeople are all different animals with different personalities.
Console: Gamecube
Series: Animal Crossing #1 (But you can play them in any order)
Rating: E
Genre: Casual/Simulation
Publisher: Nintendo

Characters +: There are so many different characters that you are bound to like some. New ones move in if you keep the town clean.
Length -: I will admit that the game is rather long. Also, some people may find the gameplay to be a little monotonous and boring. This is definitely a game for only certain types of people.
Music +: The music is just as calming and serene as the gameplay itself.
Framerate +: I never noticed any problems with the framerate.
Creativity +: This game is one of the most creative games that I know. There is so much love and effort put into every aspect of the game that you almost have to fall in love with it. So much time was put into making it creative and new, and that is exactly what it is.
Art +: I think the art is beautiful.
Graphics +: The graphics are actually pretty good for the time.
Gameplay +: The game is so calm and serene. When I play this game, I can totally shut my brain off and just relax.
Replay Value +: Because of the fact that real life holidays such as the 4th of July are celebrated the same way in your town, there is a lot of replay ability.
Consistency of Plot +: The plot stays consistent.
Plot +: The game has a lot to offer, other than paying back your house payment. I personally spend most of my time expanding the fossil collection at the local museum. However, there is so much independence with this game that you are basically living in this town with the ability to do as you please. The characters also help make this game more life-like. The characters are nice and mean and everything in between. They care about things and even you.
Story +: While the story is very simple, it can be spread out for so long that it works really well. Once again independence is this game’s specialty when it comes to paying back the house payment. You can do whatever it takes from selling furniture to selling fossils in order to get enough money to pay Nook back.
Animation +: The animation is fine.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality is fine.
Sound Effects +: There are lively sound effects that are perfect for the scenarios at hand.
Camera +: The camera stays at a bird’s-eye view the entirety of the game, unless you are inside.
Proofreading +: No problems with the grammar in the dialogue.
Glitches +: No glitches.
Dialogue -: The characters will often reiterate what another character said. In other words, messages that were said by one character will be said in the exact same way by another character.

Quality Score: 9/10

Entertainment Score: 9/10

This game is so amazing. I honestly cannot express how I truly feel in words. There is so much to offer in your little town that there is no way anyone will feel bored. However, I do admit this is a very calming game and there can be moments where you feel you have completed all you needed to do for the day. With that being said, if you like calm, serene experiences, then Animal Crossing is your best bet.

The Legend of Zelda (Show Reviews #3)

The show starts the audience off at the familiar land of Hyrule with the familiar characters of Link and Zelda. However, I realize that some are unaware of The Legend of Zelda, so, allow me to delve a little further into the lore of this beloved series.  In The Legend of Zelda,  in order to have full control over the land of Hyrule, one needs the Triforce of Courage, Triforce of Power, and Triforce of Wisdom. Link and Zelda are in charge of protecting the Triforce of Courage from Ganon. If Ganon were to gain control over the Triforce of Courage, he would be able to gain even more control of Hyrule considering that he already has the Triforce of Power.Anyway, it is an episode-plot show (a show where there is no real overarching plot but rather each episode has its own plot) where the audience basically follows Zelda and Link going on adventures each episode to stop Gannon from gaining more control.
Genre: Animated Adventure/Action
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13
Creator: DiC Entertainment
Time per Episode: 20 min

Plot -: The plot is literally the most basic plot in the history of everything and you get sick of it very easily. For me, I got sick of the show at around episode 9.
Story -: There is nothing deep about this show and I don’t think that you will find anything of substance here. I mean there is the romance between Zelda and Link but it is SO forced and borderline rapey that I don’t see it as redeeming at all.
Lip Sync +: The lip sync was fine as far as I could tell. There were too many other issues for me to worry about the lip sync.
Characters -: Oh my god, the characters. Link is a borderline pedophile and complete ass-hole. In fact all the characters are either idiots or ass-holes and not in a funny way either.
Animation -: I thought the animation was awkward and I remember moments of there being broken-looking animation.
Voice Acting -: The voice acting was worse than the characters. Gannon’s voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard and the King sounded like an idiot. I guess that last one was okay considering he was a complete idiot, but still.
Humor -: The humor is expressed in repetitive phrases and tendencies throughout the whole of the show. You’ve probably heard the often quoted “Excuuuuuuuuuse Me, Princess”, and trust me, it’s worse than you think. This and the consistent request by Link to kiss Zelda felt so forced and became annoying rather than entertaining.
Sound Quality -: The voice acting was so bad that the sound quality suffered heavily.
Plot Consistency +: Despite the simplicity of the plot, it stays consistent throughout.
Rewatch Ability -: I think it goes without saying that this show is not worthy of watching the first time, let alone another time.
Creativity -: It’s based on a game, so it’s not creative.
Music +: The music is from the game, so it’s naturally good.
Setting +: I think the setting was actually pretty good.
Dialogue -: The dialogue was so awkward and it made the experience of the show honestly really hard to bear. For example, there was one instance where Link was bathing and Spryte, his fairy, comes in and makes creepy remarks and the whole dialogue of the entire situation was just so uncomfortable.

Quality Score: 5/10

Entertainment Score: 3/10

As a Zelda fan, stay away from this show. It’s so short that you can honestly finish it in one sitting, but you wouldn’t even want to. I actually watched it in one sitting but I almost lost my mind by episode 9, which is insane because that is such a short time to get annoyed. The only driving force I had throughout this show was the ability to make fun of everything from the characters, to Link’s clear pedophiliac nature. There is nothing redeemable about The Legend of Zelda show and everything you heard about it is completely true.

Zootopia (Movie Reviews #3)

Judy Hopps, Zootopia’s first rabbit cop, has a dream of making the world a better place. From the start, you can tell that Judy is an incredibly noble and determined character. Right when Judy is hired as a policeman in Zootopia, a city of predators and prey living in harmony, a case of 14 missing predators is presented. However, Judy first works as a metermaid and because she disobeys orders, is almost fired. Until Mrs. Otterton, the wife of Mr. Otterton, a fellow lost predator, begs for help.  She is then given 48 hours to find the missing otter. Judy then meets a sly fox by the name of Nick to help her on the case.
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure/Animated
Time: 1 hour 48 min
Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush
Production Company: Disney

Plot +: The plot of Zootopia was clear throughout the story and fairly unique for Disney. I feel Disney has not had a lot of hits lately, but Zootopia changed my mind. In fact, I feel that Zootopia is more than just a movie. It’s a work of art. Disney did such a fantastic job of tackling the issue of racism while making it subtle for kids to enjoy all the same.
Story +: The added aspects to the plot such as the romantic tension between Judy and Nick made Zootopia that much more enjoyable. Judy and Nick are consistently seen flirting with each other and I think there’s a deep meaning to that other than just appealing to the fan girls out there. Zootopia is full of multitudes of different animals or “races” if you will. The fact that two different animals could flirt with each other with no back lash from society has proven how far we’ve come as a world.
Characters +: Nick and Judy were such lovable characters. Nick was sassy and sarcastic while Judy was hard working and naive. These polar opposites work so well together and each character has different aspects to add on to these character traits that allows them to be more relate-able.
Dialogue +: The dialogue was smart, despite some repetition.
Lip Sync +: I mean it’s Disney. Of course the lip sync will be great.
Music +: I thought the music was fine, but I don’t really remember it well. I wouldn’t dismiss the music though because I don’t think the music was my taste.
Animation +: The animation was absolutely perfect. I do not remember any issues regarding animation.
Suspense +: There weren’t many instances of suspense, however, the parts that did have suspense were valid.
Errors +: No errors.
Length +: The movie could, theoretically, be cut a lot shorter. However, Disney made it work. All parts of the movie worked together to help glue the ending together. All in all, the length worked fine.
Humor +: The humor is surprisingly deep for Disney and I really enjoyed it.
Sound Quality +: It’s Disney. No issues.
Plot Consistency +: The plot stayed consistent the entire movie.
Rewatch Ability +: The movie is so smart and enjoyable, I have already seen it multiple times.
Creativity +: The whole concept of Zootopia is beyond creative and I have never seen anything like it.
Setting +: The setting is vibrant and varied. I really enjoyed the setting throughout this movie.
Voice Acting +: All of the voices were of actors and actresses clearly enjoying their jobs. The voices also fit all characters’ expressions and just fit in general.

Quality Score: 10/10

Entertainment Score: 9.5/10

This movie was incredibly clever and was very deep. The incorporation of predators not treating prey very well and certain stereotypes about certain animals (i.e. cute for bunnies and sly for foxes) was clever. I really enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend this movie to children and adults alike. There were also plenty of hints in the environments, such as a sticky note that showed a certain character working with antagonist. The humor is very smart and the background is incredibly detailed with smart references.


Dance Moms (TV Show Reviews #2)

Dance Moms is a reality television show featuring Abby Lee Miller and her elite competitive dance team as well as their bitchy moms. The show is centered around Abby being a brutal teacher, the mom’s not having it, and the kids trying to dance their way to the top. The original team (it fluctuates at certain points) consisted of: Maddie, Mackenzie, Nia, Chloe, Brooke, and Paige as the dancers and Melissa, Holly, Christi, and Kelly as their mothers. The drama gets fierce in some episodes (even with the fights among the cast members getting violent) while in others, it remains calm. I guess that’s the joy of reality TV; you never know what to expect.
Run Time of Episodes: 1 hour
Genre: Reality TV
Rating: TV-PG
Seasons: 7 (And still going)
Episodes: 196 (and still going)
Creator: Collins Avenue Productions
Plot -: The plot is actually pretty basic considering that it is reality TV, so, don’t expect something unique.
Story -: There is some rivalry between various other dance studios but at a certain point it felt forced and I couldn’t see the appeal in it.
Dialogue -: The dialogue is absolutely dreadful. It’s honestly to the point where I feel like most of the characters just come up with what they need to say in their head. There is no way that any of the characters’ lines are scripted, just because of how awkward and simplistic the lines are.
Music +: I think the music is fine, but not very memorable majority of the time.
Characters -: I think this is pretty bad to have a character aspect that I am reviewing, since most of the people on this show act as themselves, but it’s still important to consider. Most of the characters are too dramatic, and I know it is reality TV, but it gets excessive very fast. I mean the mothers are adults and they act worse than teenagers. The only character that I can remember staying fairly normal throughout would be Holly and her daughter Nia, but even sometimes they falter.
Suspense +: I think the suspense is pretty effective when you are waiting to see which dancer wins at which competition.
Acting +: I mean the acting is fine, I suppose. It’s not great, but you can believe that the characters are angry (even for no reason) because at a certain point in the show you just realize that everyone is crazy.
Humor -: I laugh a lot when watching this show, but not at jokes they say. I laugh at the ridiculousness of every single character.
Errors -: There are so many errors throughout this show, that you can look it up on Youtube and there will probably be whole channels dedicated to it.
Sound Quality -: The sound quality is sacrificed because everyone yells at each other every episode; the audience is usually unable to hear certain characters.
Plot Consistency +: The plot is so simple, so, it’s hard to run from that path.
Rewatch Ability +: In a sick way, you want to watch the moms yell at each other and leave and for Abby to lose her shit. The drama is addicting.
Creativity +: I never saw any shows like Dance Moms, but I do see shows copying what Dance Moms did.
Setting +: I like the setting personally, but it will probably be boring to most people. It usually consists of the girls dancing in a dance room and going to competitions. Some of the time they do switch it up and go to another character’s house, but that’s more towards the beginning seasons.

Quality Score: 6.5/10

Entertainment Score: 8/10

Keep in mind as far as the entertainment goes, I have watched this show since it first aired. I love it but it’s more of a guilty pleasure for me. I borderline only watch this show because I have no other show to watch. I wouldn’t honestly recommend this show for most people.

Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher (Book Reviews #2)

Jeremy Thatcher is a regular sixth grader in a small town. He deals with bullies, scary teachers, and lovesick girls. While running from Mary Lou Hutton, a girl who has feelings for him that are not reciprocated, he comes across a shop called ‘Elive’s Magic Shop’. Curious, he enters and purchases a beautiful oval-like object with colors that seemed to speak to him. However, Mr. Elives, the shopkeeper, warns him multiple times to not buy the item. Then, mysteriously, changes his mind, saying that the object has chosen him. Puzzled, yet excited, Jeremy takes the object home to find that it is a dragon egg. Jeremy then has to raise the dragon whilst dealing with Mary Lou and his bullies, Howard Morton and Freddy the Frog Killer and his crazed art teacher, Mr. Kravitz. Because dragons were going extinct, a new realm had to be created for them to safely reside. This land, however, does not house dragonlings well, so dragons must be hatched in the real world. Jeremy is one of the Hatchers, a series of dragon raisers picked by the individual dragons, who finds out that he has a duty to send Tiamat, his dragon, to the realm where dragons reside.
Author: Bruce Coville
Series: Magic Shop #2
Genre: Fantasy
Page #’s: 148
Chapter #’s: 13

Plot +: I really enjoyed the plot. I think the complexity was not hard to understand while still being thorough.
Story +: I enjoy coming of age novels, and the story elements were very coming of age-esque.
Foreshadowing -: I don’t recall any uses of foreshadowing and the possibilities were there.
Cliffhanger +: There were instances, at the end of chapters, where Coville used cliffhangers
Setting +: The setting was very simplistic, but was easy to understand and didn’t disrupt the experience.
Characters +: None of the characters were too obnoxious.
Writing +: The story is written well and it was an easy read.
Plot Consistency -: The plot changed throughout the story. That is my biggest pet peeve, so it disrupted the book for me.
Reread Ability -: The book was good, but not phenomenal enough for me to want to read it again.
Creativity +: The story was very creative.
Proofreading +: There were no errors that I detected.
Length +: The length of the book was perfect.
Humor -: I don’t really remember many instances where I laughed out loud.
Series Consistency -: I never read any of the other books in the series and understood the story fine, so, I don’t think the book series really has a consistency. The books within the series have their own adventures each, with the central idea surrounding Mr Elive’s Magic Shop.

Quality Score: 7.5/10
Entertainment Score: 8/10

Even though this book is part of a series, you don’t have to read the books in order considering I had no confusion regarding what was going on. This book was good, but it wasn’t amazing. Even though I love dragons this book was only okay for me. It’s a good children’s story, however, if you get older, it may not be as good.