The Legend of Zelda (Show Reviews #3)

The show starts the audience off at the familiar land of Hyrule with the familiar characters of Link and Zelda. However, I realize that some are unaware of The Legend of Zelda, so, allow me to delve a little further into the lore of this beloved series.  In The Legend of Zelda,  in order to have full control over the land of Hyrule, one needs the Triforce of Courage, Triforce of Power, and Triforce of Wisdom. Link and Zelda are in charge of protecting the Triforce of Courage from Ganon. If Ganon were to gain control over the Triforce of Courage, he would be able to gain even more control of Hyrule considering that he already has the Triforce of Power.Anyway, it is an episode-plot show (a show where there is no real overarching plot but rather each episode has its own plot) where the audience basically follows Zelda and Link going on adventures each episode to stop Gannon from gaining more control.
Genre: Animated Adventure/Action
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13
Creator: DiC Entertainment
Time per Episode: 20 min

Plot -: The plot is literally the most basic plot in the history of everything and you get sick of it very easily. For me, I got sick of the show at around episode 9.
Story -: There is nothing deep about this show and I don’t think that you will find anything of substance here. I mean there is the romance between Zelda and Link but it is SO forced and borderline rapey that I don’t see it as redeeming at all.
Lip Sync +: The lip sync was fine as far as I could tell. There were too many other issues for me to worry about the lip sync.
Characters -: Oh my god, the characters. Link is a borderline pedophile and complete ass-hole. In fact all the characters are either idiots or ass-holes and not in a funny way either.
Animation -: I thought the animation was awkward and I remember moments of there being broken-looking animation.
Voice Acting -: The voice acting was worse than the characters. Gannon’s voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard and the King sounded like an idiot. I guess that last one was okay considering he was a complete idiot, but still.
Humor -: The humor is expressed in repetitive phrases and tendencies throughout the whole of the show. You’ve probably heard the often quoted “Excuuuuuuuuuse Me, Princess”, and trust me, it’s worse than you think. This and the consistent request by Link to kiss Zelda felt so forced and became annoying rather than entertaining.
Sound Quality -: The voice acting was so bad that the sound quality suffered heavily.
Plot Consistency +: Despite the simplicity of the plot, it stays consistent throughout.
Rewatch Ability -: I think it goes without saying that this show is not worthy of watching the first time, let alone another time.
Creativity -: It’s based on a game, so it’s not creative.
Music +: The music is from the game, so it’s naturally good.
Setting +: I think the setting was actually pretty good.
Dialogue -: The dialogue was so awkward and it made the experience of the show honestly really hard to bear. For example, there was one instance where Link was bathing and Spryte, his fairy, comes in and makes creepy remarks and the whole dialogue of the entire situation was just so uncomfortable.

Quality Score: 5/10

Entertainment Score: 3/10

As a Zelda fan, stay away from this show. It’s so short that you can honestly finish it in one sitting, but you wouldn’t even want to. I actually watched it in one sitting but I almost lost my mind by episode 9, which is insane because that is such a short time to get annoyed. The only driving force I had throughout this show was the ability to make fun of everything from the characters, to Link’s clear pedophiliac nature. There is nothing redeemable about The Legend of Zelda show and everything you heard about it is completely true.


Zootopia (Movie Reviews #3)

Judy Hopps, Zootopia’s first rabbit cop, has a dream of making the world a better place. From the start, you can tell that Judy is an incredibly noble and determined character. Right when Judy is hired as a policeman in Zootopia, a city of predators and prey living in harmony, a case of 14 missing predators is presented. However, Judy first works as a metermaid and because she disobeys orders, is almost fired. Until Mrs. Otterton, the wife of Mr. Otterton, a fellow lost predator, begs for help.  She is then given 48 hours to find the missing otter. Judy then meets a sly fox by the name of Nick to help her on the case.
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure/Animated
Time: 1 hour 48 min
Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush
Production Company: Disney

Plot +: The plot of Zootopia was clear throughout the story and fairly unique for Disney. I feel Disney has not had a lot of hits lately, but Zootopia changed my mind. In fact, I feel that Zootopia is more than just a movie. It’s a work of art. Disney did such a fantastic job of tackling the issue of racism while making it subtle for kids to enjoy all the same.
Story +: The added aspects to the plot such as the romantic tension between Judy and Nick made Zootopia that much more enjoyable. Judy and Nick are consistently seen flirting with each other and I think there’s a deep meaning to that other than just appealing to the fan girls out there. Zootopia is full of multitudes of different animals or “races” if you will. The fact that two different animals could flirt with each other with no back lash from society has proven how far we’ve come as a world.
Characters +: Nick and Judy were such lovable characters. Nick was sassy and sarcastic while Judy was hard working and naive. These polar opposites work so well together and each character has different aspects to add on to these character traits that allows them to be more relate-able.
Dialogue +: The dialogue was smart, despite some repetition.
Lip Sync +: I mean it’s Disney. Of course the lip sync will be great.
Music +: I thought the music was fine, but I don’t really remember it well. I wouldn’t dismiss the music though because I don’t think the music was my taste.
Animation +: The animation was absolutely perfect. I do not remember any issues regarding animation.
Suspense +: There weren’t many instances of suspense, however, the parts that did have suspense were valid.
Errors +: No errors.
Length +: The movie could, theoretically, be cut a lot shorter. However, Disney made it work. All parts of the movie worked together to help glue the ending together. All in all, the length worked fine.
Humor +: The humor is surprisingly deep for Disney and I really enjoyed it.
Sound Quality +: It’s Disney. No issues.
Plot Consistency +: The plot stayed consistent the entire movie.
Rewatch Ability +: The movie is so smart and enjoyable, I have already seen it multiple times.
Creativity +: The whole concept of Zootopia is beyond creative and I have never seen anything like it.
Setting +: The setting is vibrant and varied. I really enjoyed the setting throughout this movie.
Voice Acting +: All of the voices were of actors and actresses clearly enjoying their jobs. The voices also fit all characters’ expressions and just fit in general.

Quality Score: 10/10

Entertainment Score: 9.5/10

This movie was incredibly clever and was very deep. The incorporation of predators not treating prey very well and certain stereotypes about certain animals (i.e. cute for bunnies and sly for foxes) was clever. I really enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend this movie to children and adults alike. There were also plenty of hints in the environments, such as a sticky note that showed a certain character working with antagonist. The humor is very smart and the background is incredibly detailed with smart references.


Dance Moms (TV Show Reviews #2)

Dance Moms is a reality television show featuring Abby Lee Miller and her elite competitive dance team as well as their bitchy moms. The show is centered around Abby being a brutal teacher, the mom’s not having it, and the kids trying to dance their way to the top. The original team (it fluctuates at certain points) consisted of: Maddie, Mackenzie, Nia, Chloe, Brooke, and Paige as the dancers and Melissa, Holly, Christi, and Kelly as their mothers. The drama gets fierce in some episodes (even with the fights among the cast members getting violent) while in others, it remains calm. I guess that’s the joy of reality TV; you never know what to expect.
Run Time of Episodes: 1 hour
Genre: Reality TV
Rating: TV-PG
Seasons: 7 (And still going)
Episodes: 196 (and still going)
Creator: Collins Avenue Productions
Plot -: The plot is actually pretty basic considering that it is reality TV, so, don’t expect something unique.
Story -: There is some rivalry between various other dance studios but at a certain point it felt forced and I couldn’t see the appeal in it.
Dialogue -: The dialogue is absolutely dreadful. It’s honestly to the point where I feel like most of the characters just come up with what they need to say in their head. There is no way that any of the characters’ lines are scripted, just because of how awkward and simplistic the lines are.
Music +: I think the music is fine, but not very memorable majority of the time.
Characters -: I think this is pretty bad to have a character aspect that I am reviewing, since most of the people on this show act as themselves, but it’s still important to consider. Most of the characters are too dramatic, and I know it is reality TV, but it gets excessive very fast. I mean the mothers are adults and they act worse than teenagers. The only character that I can remember staying fairly normal throughout would be Holly and her daughter Nia, but even sometimes they falter.
Suspense +: I think the suspense is pretty effective when you are waiting to see which dancer wins at which competition.
Acting +: I mean the acting is fine, I suppose. It’s not great, but you can believe that the characters are angry (even for no reason) because at a certain point in the show you just realize that everyone is crazy.
Humor -: I laugh a lot when watching this show, but not at jokes they say. I laugh at the ridiculousness of every single character.
Errors -: There are so many errors throughout this show, that you can look it up on Youtube and there will probably be whole channels dedicated to it.
Sound Quality -: The sound quality is sacrificed because everyone yells at each other every episode; the audience is usually unable to hear certain characters.
Plot Consistency +: The plot is so simple, so, it’s hard to run from that path.
Rewatch Ability +: In a sick way, you want to watch the moms yell at each other and leave and for Abby to lose her shit. The drama is addicting.
Creativity +: I never saw any shows like Dance Moms, but I do see shows copying what Dance Moms did.
Setting +: I like the setting personally, but it will probably be boring to most people. It usually consists of the girls dancing in a dance room and going to competitions. Some of the time they do switch it up and go to another character’s house, but that’s more towards the beginning seasons.

Quality Score: 6.5/10

Entertainment Score: 8/10

Keep in mind as far as the entertainment goes, I have watched this show since it first aired. I love it but it’s more of a guilty pleasure for me. I borderline only watch this show because I have no other show to watch. I wouldn’t honestly recommend this show for most people.

Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher (Book Reviews #2)

Jeremy Thatcher is a regular sixth grader in a small town. He deals with bullies, scary teachers, and lovesick girls. While running from Mary Lou Hutton, a girl who has feelings for him that are not reciprocated, he comes across a shop called ‘Elive’s Magic Shop’. Curious, he enters and purchases a beautiful oval-like object with colors that seemed to speak to him. However, Mr. Elives, the shopkeeper, warns him multiple times to not buy the item. Then, mysteriously, changes his mind, saying that the object has chosen him. Puzzled, yet excited, Jeremy takes the object home to find that it is a dragon egg. Jeremy then has to raise the dragon whilst dealing with Mary Lou and his bullies, Howard Morton and Freddy the Frog Killer and his crazed art teacher, Mr. Kravitz. Because dragons were going extinct, a new realm had to be created for them to safely reside. This land, however, does not house dragonlings well, so dragons must be hatched in the real world. Jeremy is one of the Hatchers, a series of dragon raisers picked by the individual dragons, who finds out that he has a duty to send Tiamat, his dragon, to the realm where dragons reside.
Author: Bruce Coville
Series: Magic Shop #2
Genre: Fantasy
Page #’s: 148
Chapter #’s: 13

Plot +: I really enjoyed the plot. I think the complexity was not hard to understand while still being thorough.
Story +: I enjoy coming of age novels, and the story elements were very coming of age-esque.
Foreshadowing -: I don’t recall any uses of foreshadowing and the possibilities were there.
Cliffhanger +: There were instances, at the end of chapters, where Coville used cliffhangers
Setting +: The setting was very simplistic, but was easy to understand and didn’t disrupt the experience.
Characters +: None of the characters were too obnoxious.
Writing +: The story is written well and it was an easy read.
Plot Consistency -: The plot changed throughout the story. That is my biggest pet peeve, so it disrupted the book for me.
Reread Ability -: The book was good, but not phenomenal enough for me to want to read it again.
Creativity +: The story was very creative.
Proofreading +: There were no errors that I detected.
Length +: The length of the book was perfect.
Humor -: I don’t really remember many instances where I laughed out loud.
Series Consistency -: I never read any of the other books in the series and understood the story fine, so, I don’t think the book series really has a consistency. The books within the series have their own adventures each, with the central idea surrounding Mr Elive’s Magic Shop.

Quality Score: 7.5/10
Entertainment Score: 8/10

Even though this book is part of a series, you don’t have to read the books in order considering I had no confusion regarding what was going on. This book was good, but it wasn’t amazing. Even though I love dragons this book was only okay for me. It’s a good children’s story, however, if you get older, it may not be as good.

The Sims 2: Double Deluxe (Game Reviews #2)

If you are unaware of what Sims games offer to players, allow me to explain. Sims games may quite possibly be the first and most popular life simulation game on the market. Considering that The Sims are of the simulation genre, it doesn’t really have a story but rather you are the storyteller. Each time you make a Sim, a new story is told through how you care for your Sim, how your Sim cares about others, or what you make them do with their life. In this way, you are able to have more control over the character considering that you have all power over every aspect of each Sim.
Console: PC
Series: Sims
Rating: T
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: EA

Lip Sync +: The lip sync is not really an issue because the Sims don’t actually speak English. They speak a language called Simlish and you are constantly listening to them speak this foreign language. You can’t really judge lip sync for another language but it seemed fine.
Music +: The Sims games’ music is always really pretty and catchy. This game is no exception.
Framerate +: I thought the framerate was fine. Considering that this rendition was released in 2009, it works.
Creativity -:
This game is not very creative considering how many renditions there are for Sims, but if you want a life simulation game, I would at least recommend this series.
Art -: There is one thing about this game is that I don’t remember thinking about how beautiful the game is. Sims 2 Double Deluxe is just not a very pretty game and you shouldn’t play it for that reason.
Graphics -: The graphics may have been pretty good for the time, but have not aged very well. A lot of the cut scenes that happen whenever a momentous event occurs show awkward polygon looking Sims.
Replay Value -: Sims games are really only associated with a certain mood you are in. You only really play Sims games if you are in the mood for them, and never really again. Because the game play is only fun for about 10 minutes, I can’t see why most people would want to play again for long periods of time.
Control +: The controls work very well with the options of a computer but I must say they don’t exactly utilize all computer buttons. I don’t think this is a negative though because simulation games don’t need to be complex.
Satisfaction of Winning -: Because there weren’t any real ways of celebration (if you had a party, you could only invite 2 people and you didn’t have a car or anything to drive to a place to celebrate) if anything positive happened, you didn’t really feel happy. For instance, if your Sim grew up, it wasn’t really satisfying.
Difficulty +: It’s a life simulation game, so it only has to be as hard as you want it to be.
Plot -: There is no plot.
Story +: Although there was no plot per see, there were some already-moved in Sims that had little story lines that could actually affect your Sim if you decide to interact with them.
Side Quest Options -: You weren’t given a car or even an option to buy a car, so I felt like that was a mistake. It’s a life simulation game after all. Plus there weren’t a lot of options for what you can do in the cities.
Animation +: I think the animation is actually fine for the time. It has aged fine.
Sound Quality +: I thought the sound quality was fine.
Sound Effects -: I am a very impatient person, so I would often fast-forward through all actions that I had my Sims do. The thing is, when I did this, the sound effects would often junk out.
Camera +: The camera was fully in your control and you could easily manipulate it.
Editing +: There were no proofreading issues as far as I could find.
Glitches -: I played this game a lot so I came across quite a few glitches, but I also have to say most of them were visual and I did not come across any game breaking moments.
Gameplay -: The game play was very simple but there wasn’t enough variety for me.
Length +: The length was fine.

Quality Score: 5/10

Entertainment Score: 8.5/10

I actually am a huge fan of life simulation games, so, my entertainment score may be a little biased. However, if you want to play a life simulation game, I would not recommend this specific game just because the most current Sim game is probably the best bet. I would only recommend this game if you are a Sim collector or something.

Johnny Test Review (TV Show Reviews 1)

Johnny Test lives in Porkbelly with his talking dog, Dukey and his twin genius sisters, Mary and Susan. The whole of the show is Johnny going through adventures involving superheroes, science experiments (a lot of science experiments) and running from bullies to name a few.
Genre: Family/Animated
Rating: TV-Y7
Seasons: 6
Episodes: 117
Creator: Scott Fellows
Time per Episode: ~30 min

Plot -: The plot is extremely clichéd and I don’t think if you want to watch a show for a complex or intense plot, this is the show for you.
Story -: There aren’t any real story elements to add on to the plot line. Well, I shouldn’t say there aren’t ANY story elements to add to the plot line, because there is a common romance throughout between the Test’s neighbor, Gil, and Susan and Mary. However, it gets pretty old pretty fast and seems unrealistic due to their obsession. They are so obsessed with this “dream boy” that they name the unlock code to their lab “Gil”. I feel like, logically, if the sisters were that obsessive, someone would take action to stop such unhealthy behavior.
Music -: There are a lot of really weird sound effects that are overused and the music is only okay.
Lip Sync -: I remember a lot of instances in the beginning episodes of really poor lip sync.
Characters -: The characters are so lifeless and have no depth to them. Most of the dialogue between the characters are quick remarks to be funny, but the audience doesn’t know anything about any of the characters; thus, you naturally don’t really care about their well-being. The only character that actually is okay in my books is Dukey, but that’s just because he actually has sense when compared to the other main protagonists.
Animation -: I thought the animation was horrible. I don’t understand the faces the appeal in the faces that I saw on the characters’ faces. They were gross looking and made the show feel even more childish than it should have felt. Just because a show is intended for kids does not mean it shouldn’t appeal to adults as well.
Voice Acting +:
Despite all the hate I have been giving, the voice acting feels natural.
Humor -: I used to like the humor as a kid but now that I watch it, I realize that the humor feels pretty forced and never made me laugh. It relies on dumb, childish jokes (such as making Johnny have a super fart power) as well as constant repetition.
Sound Quality -: The sound quality would be fine, if it were not for annoying sound effects being blared every 2 seconds. Sound effects are fine if used to emphasize major points but Johnny Test takes it to an extreme. I am not even joking when I say that there were times that every other word a character said, a new sound effect played.
Plot Consistency +: The plot is so basic that it is difficult not to follow through with it.
Rewatch Ability -: The show doesn’t really have anything going for it for anyone to have a drive to watch it again.
Creativity -: Everything feels pretty clichéd and not very creative.
Dialogue -: The dialogue is honestly really repetitive and simplistic. The show is obviously targeted solely for children and I always feel like that is not a smart decision for show makers to decide to do because they are isolating their audience to a very small percentage of viewers.
Length -: I feel like this show didn’t need to be so long because the plot was not worthy of having 6 seasons.
Setting -: The setting is actually pretty boring and not enticing. Most of the episodes are just Johnny and Dukey in his house or at his school.
Errors +: It’s almost impossible to have any plot errors with such a simplistic plot.

Quality Score: 3.5/10

Entertainment Score: 4/10

I feel like this show is great for one purpose: background noise. That’s the sole reason I actually got far enough to review this show. Even as a kid, this show is not a suitable fit for anyone to spend as long as I did watching it. Avoid this show at all costs. It is not a good show for kids or adults.

Twilight (Movie Reviews #2)

The story follows high school junior Bella Swan as she transfers midyear from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington. Bella is portrayed right away as an awkward character through her various interactions with the supporting characters. Then, she meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious heart throb, in her science class. Through a series of odd events, such as finding out he is a vampire, she starts talking to the faceless boy and develops a love for him. Luckily, the love is mutual and their relationship takes off. The story then continues with the audience watching what kind of adventures a vampire-human relationship could ensue.
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: PG-13
Time: 2 hours 2 minutes
Series: Twilight #1
Based on: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
Production Company: Summit Entertainment

Plot -: The concept of having a relationship with a vampire and a human is not very original.
Story -: The presentation of the plot is very sub par.
Characters -: I disliked Bella so much because I could not relate to her. She was so awkward and she just did so many stupid things. I also knew nothing about her or any of the other characters, which is sub par characterization.
Dialogue -: Most of the dialogue is incredibly awkward. I understand that Edward and Bella are supposed to be awkward, but the dialogue seemed excessive.
Music +: I actually really enjoyed the music. Most of the tracks are punk rock, alternative, and rock; don’t quote me though.
Special Effects +: I actually liked the special effects because they have aged quite well.
Acting -: Most of the acting was very awkward, with many moments having awkward silences.
Errors -: There were quite a few noticeable errors. Despite the fact that I have seen this movie multiple times and know it very well, I could still spot new errors easily.
Camera -: I thought the camera went to too many different angles too many times.
Length -: The length of the movie mirrors the length of the book; however, I still felt like it should have ended earlier or at least, some parts could have been eliminated.
Humor +: There are actually quite a few moments I still laugh out loud at.
Sound Quality -: I found too many instances of hearing ruffling of clothes only. Much of the sound was a little fuzzy.
Plot Consistency -: It felt like the plot was starting to focus on the problems that vampires deal with instead of actually just trying to make a relationship work with a vampire.
Re-watch Ability -: I can’t see myself watching this movie again.
Creativeness –: Neither the plot nor the story is creative.
Sets -: A lot of the sets, or more the lighting, was not very good. Everyone looked either really dark or really pale.

Quality Score: 4/10

Entertainment Score: 5/10

This movie was very mediocre. It doesn’t help that I don’t really like Twilight or romance anyway. Still, a lot of the errors I discussed ruined the entertainment experience. I do not recommend this title unless you really enjoyed the book.