The Legend of Zelda (Show Reviews #3)

The show starts the audience off at the familiar land of Hyrule with the familiar characters of Link and Zelda. However, I realize that some are unaware of The Legend of Zelda, so, allow me to delve a little further into the lore of this beloved series.  In The Legend of Zelda,  in order to have full control over the land of Hyrule, one needs the Triforce of Courage, Triforce of Power, and Triforce of Wisdom. Link and Zelda are in charge of protecting the Triforce of Courage from Ganon. If Ganon were to gain control over the Triforce of Courage, he would be able to gain even more control of Hyrule considering that he already has the Triforce of Power.Anyway, it is an episode-plot show (a show where there is no real overarching plot but rather each episode has its own plot) where the audience basically follows Zelda and Link going on adventures each episode to stop Gannon from gaining more control.
Genre: Animated Adventure/Action
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13
Creator: DiC Entertainment
Time per Episode: 20 min

Plot -: The plot is literally the most basic plot in the history of everything and you get sick of it very easily. For me, I got sick of the show at around episode 9.
Story -: There is nothing deep about this show and I don’t think that you will find anything of substance here. I mean there is the romance between Zelda and Link but it is SO forced and borderline rapey that I don’t see it as redeeming at all.
Lip Sync +: The lip sync was fine as far as I could tell. There were too many other issues for me to worry about the lip sync.
Characters -: Oh my god, the characters. Link is a borderline pedophile and complete ass-hole. In fact all the characters are either idiots or ass-holes and not in a funny way either.
Animation -: I thought the animation was awkward and I remember moments of there being broken-looking animation.
Voice Acting -: The voice acting was worse than the characters. Gannon’s voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard and the King sounded like an idiot. I guess that last one was okay considering he was a complete idiot, but still.
Humor -: The humor is expressed in repetitive phrases and tendencies throughout the whole of the show. You’ve probably heard the often quoted “Excuuuuuuuuuse Me, Princess”, and trust me, it’s worse than you think. This and the consistent request by Link to kiss Zelda felt so forced and became annoying rather than entertaining.
Sound Quality -: The voice acting was so bad that the sound quality suffered heavily.
Plot Consistency +: Despite the simplicity of the plot, it stays consistent throughout.
Rewatch Ability -: I think it goes without saying that this show is not worthy of watching the first time, let alone another time.
Creativity -: It’s based on a game, so it’s not creative.
Music +: The music is from the game, so it’s naturally good.
Setting +: I think the setting was actually pretty good.
Dialogue -: The dialogue was so awkward and it made the experience of the show honestly really hard to bear. For example, there was one instance where Link was bathing and Spryte, his fairy, comes in and makes creepy remarks and the whole dialogue of the entire situation was just so uncomfortable.

Quality Score: 5/10

Entertainment Score: 3/10

As a Zelda fan, stay away from this show. It’s so short that you can honestly finish it in one sitting, but you wouldn’t even want to. I actually watched it in one sitting but I almost lost my mind by episode 9, which is insane because that is such a short time to get annoyed. The only driving force I had throughout this show was the ability to make fun of everything from the characters, to Link’s clear pedophiliac nature. There is nothing redeemable about The Legend of Zelda show and everything you heard about it is completely true.


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