Zootopia (Movie Reviews #3)

Judy Hopps, Zootopia’s first rabbit cop, has a dream of making the world a better place. From the start, you can tell that Judy is an incredibly noble and determined character. Right when Judy is hired as a policeman in Zootopia, a city of predators and prey living in harmony, a case of 14 missing predators is presented. However, Judy first works as a metermaid and because she disobeys orders, is almost fired. Until Mrs. Otterton, the wife of Mr. Otterton, a fellow lost predator, begs for help.  She is then given 48 hours to find the missing otter. Judy then meets a sly fox by the name of Nick to help her on the case.
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure/Animated
Time: 1 hour 48 min
Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush
Production Company: Disney

Plot +: The plot of Zootopia was clear throughout the story and fairly unique for Disney. I feel Disney has not had a lot of hits lately, but Zootopia changed my mind. In fact, I feel that Zootopia is more than just a movie. It’s a work of art. Disney did such a fantastic job of tackling the issue of racism while making it subtle for kids to enjoy all the same.
Story +: The added aspects to the plot such as the romantic tension between Judy and Nick made Zootopia that much more enjoyable. Judy and Nick are consistently seen flirting with each other and I think there’s a deep meaning to that other than just appealing to the fan girls out there. Zootopia is full of multitudes of different animals or “races” if you will. The fact that two different animals could flirt with each other with no back lash from society has proven how far we’ve come as a world.
Characters +: Nick and Judy were such lovable characters. Nick was sassy and sarcastic while Judy was hard working and naive. These polar opposites work so well together and each character has different aspects to add on to these character traits that allows them to be more relate-able.
Dialogue +: The dialogue was smart, despite some repetition.
Lip Sync +: I mean it’s Disney. Of course the lip sync will be great.
Music +: I thought the music was fine, but I don’t really remember it well. I wouldn’t dismiss the music though because I don’t think the music was my taste.
Animation +: The animation was absolutely perfect. I do not remember any issues regarding animation.
Suspense +: There weren’t many instances of suspense, however, the parts that did have suspense were valid.
Errors +: No errors.
Length +: The movie could, theoretically, be cut a lot shorter. However, Disney made it work. All parts of the movie worked together to help glue the ending together. All in all, the length worked fine.
Humor +: The humor is surprisingly deep for Disney and I really enjoyed it.
Sound Quality +: It’s Disney. No issues.
Plot Consistency +: The plot stayed consistent the entire movie.
Rewatch Ability +: The movie is so smart and enjoyable, I have already seen it multiple times.
Creativity +: The whole concept of Zootopia is beyond creative and I have never seen anything like it.
Setting +: The setting is vibrant and varied. I really enjoyed the setting throughout this movie.
Voice Acting +: All of the voices were of actors and actresses clearly enjoying their jobs. The voices also fit all characters’ expressions and just fit in general.

Quality Score: 10/10

Entertainment Score: 9.5/10

This movie was incredibly clever and was very deep. The incorporation of predators not treating prey very well and certain stereotypes about certain animals (i.e. cute for bunnies and sly for foxes) was clever. I really enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend this movie to children and adults alike. There were also plenty of hints in the environments, such as a sticky note that showed a certain character working with antagonist. The humor is very smart and the background is incredibly detailed with smart references.



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