Dance Moms (TV Show Reviews #2)

Dance Moms is a reality television show featuring Abby Lee Miller and her elite competitive dance team as well as their bitchy moms. The show is centered around Abby being a brutal teacher, the mom’s not having it, and the kids trying to dance their way to the top. The original team (it fluctuates at certain points) consisted of: Maddie, Mackenzie, Nia, Chloe, Brooke, and Paige as the dancers and Melissa, Holly, Christi, and Kelly as their mothers. The drama gets fierce in some episodes (even with the fights among the cast members getting violent) while in others, it remains calm. I guess that’s the joy of reality TV; you never know what to expect.
Run Time of Episodes: 1 hour
Genre: Reality TV
Rating: TV-PG
Seasons: 7 (And still going)
Episodes: 196 (and still going)
Creator: Collins Avenue Productions
Plot -: The plot is actually pretty basic considering that it is reality TV, so, don’t expect something unique.
Story -: There is some rivalry between various other dance studios but at a certain point it felt forced and I couldn’t see the appeal in it.
Dialogue -: The dialogue is absolutely dreadful. It’s honestly to the point where I feel like most of the characters just come up with what they need to say in their head. There is no way that any of the characters’ lines are scripted, just because of how awkward and simplistic the lines are.
Music +: I think the music is fine, but not very memorable majority of the time.
Characters -: I think this is pretty bad to have a character aspect that I am reviewing, since most of the people on this show act as themselves, but it’s still important to consider. Most of the characters are too dramatic, and I know it is reality TV, but it gets excessive very fast. I mean the mothers are adults and they act worse than teenagers. The only character that I can remember staying fairly normal throughout would be Holly and her daughter Nia, but even sometimes they falter.
Suspense +: I think the suspense is pretty effective when you are waiting to see which dancer wins at which competition.
Acting +: I mean the acting is fine, I suppose. It’s not great, but you can believe that the characters are angry (even for no reason) because at a certain point in the show you just realize that everyone is crazy.
Humor -: I laugh a lot when watching this show, but not at jokes they say. I laugh at the ridiculousness of every single character.
Errors -: There are so many errors throughout this show, that you can look it up on Youtube and there will probably be whole channels dedicated to it.
Sound Quality -: The sound quality is sacrificed because everyone yells at each other every episode; the audience is usually unable to hear certain characters.
Plot Consistency +: The plot is so simple, so, it’s hard to run from that path.
Rewatch Ability +: In a sick way, you want to watch the moms yell at each other and leave and for Abby to lose her shit. The drama is addicting.
Creativity +: I never saw any shows like Dance Moms, but I do see shows copying what Dance Moms did.
Setting +: I like the setting personally, but it will probably be boring to most people. It usually consists of the girls dancing in a dance room and going to competitions. Some of the time they do switch it up and go to another character’s house, but that’s more towards the beginning seasons.

Quality Score: 6.5/10

Entertainment Score: 8/10

Keep in mind as far as the entertainment goes, I have watched this show since it first aired. I love it but it’s more of a guilty pleasure for me. I borderline only watch this show because I have no other show to watch. I wouldn’t honestly recommend this show for most people.


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