Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher (Book Reviews #2)

Jeremy Thatcher is a regular sixth grader in a small town. He deals with bullies, scary teachers, and lovesick girls. While running from Mary Lou Hutton, a girl who has feelings for him that are not reciprocated, he comes across a shop called ‘Elive’s Magic Shop’. Curious, he enters and purchases a beautiful oval-like object with colors that seemed to speak to him. However, Mr. Elives, the shopkeeper, warns him multiple times to not buy the item. Then, mysteriously, changes his mind, saying that the object has chosen him. Puzzled, yet excited, Jeremy takes the object home to find that it is a dragon egg. Jeremy then has to raise the dragon whilst dealing with Mary Lou and his bullies, Howard Morton and Freddy the Frog Killer and his crazed art teacher, Mr. Kravitz. Because dragons were going extinct, a new realm had to be created for them to safely reside. This land, however, does not house dragonlings well, so dragons must be hatched in the real world. Jeremy is one of the Hatchers, a series of dragon raisers picked by the individual dragons, who finds out that he has a duty to send Tiamat, his dragon, to the realm where dragons reside.
Author: Bruce Coville
Series: Magic Shop #2
Genre: Fantasy
Page #’s: 148
Chapter #’s: 13

Plot +: I really enjoyed the plot. I think the complexity was not hard to understand while still being thorough.
Story +: I enjoy coming of age novels, and the story elements were very coming of age-esque.
Foreshadowing -: I don’t recall any uses of foreshadowing and the possibilities were there.
Cliffhanger +: There were instances, at the end of chapters, where Coville used cliffhangers
Setting +: The setting was very simplistic, but was easy to understand and didn’t disrupt the experience.
Characters +: None of the characters were too obnoxious.
Writing +: The story is written well and it was an easy read.
Plot Consistency -: The plot changed throughout the story. That is my biggest pet peeve, so it disrupted the book for me.
Reread Ability -: The book was good, but not phenomenal enough for me to want to read it again.
Creativity +: The story was very creative.
Proofreading +: There were no errors that I detected.
Length +: The length of the book was perfect.
Humor -: I don’t really remember many instances where I laughed out loud.
Series Consistency -: I never read any of the other books in the series and understood the story fine, so, I don’t think the book series really has a consistency. The books within the series have their own adventures each, with the central idea surrounding Mr Elive’s Magic Shop.

Quality Score: 7.5/10
Entertainment Score: 8/10

Even though this book is part of a series, you don’t have to read the books in order considering I had no confusion regarding what was going on. This book was good, but it wasn’t amazing. Even though I love dragons this book was only okay for me. It’s a good children’s story, however, if you get older, it may not be as good.


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