Johnny Test Review (TV Show Reviews 1)

Johnny Test lives in Porkbelly with his talking dog, Dukey and his twin genius sisters, Mary and Susan. The whole of the show is Johnny going through adventures involving superheroes, science experiments (a lot of science experiments) and running from bullies to name a few.
Genre: Family/Animated
Rating: TV-Y7
Seasons: 6
Episodes: 117
Creator: Scott Fellows
Time per Episode: ~30 min

Plot -: The plot is extremely clichéd and I don’t think if you want to watch a show for a complex or intense plot, this is the show for you.
Story -: There aren’t any real story elements to add on to the plot line. Well, I shouldn’t say there aren’t ANY story elements to add to the plot line, because there is a common romance throughout between the Test’s neighbor, Gil, and Susan and Mary. However, it gets pretty old pretty fast and seems unrealistic due to their obsession. They are so obsessed with this “dream boy” that they name the unlock code to their lab “Gil”. I feel like, logically, if the sisters were that obsessive, someone would take action to stop such unhealthy behavior.
Music -: There are a lot of really weird sound effects that are overused and the music is only okay.
Lip Sync -: I remember a lot of instances in the beginning episodes of really poor lip sync.
Characters -: The characters are so lifeless and have no depth to them. Most of the dialogue between the characters are quick remarks to be funny, but the audience doesn’t know anything about any of the characters; thus, you naturally don’t really care about their well-being. The only character that actually is okay in my books is Dukey, but that’s just because he actually has sense when compared to the other main protagonists.
Animation -: I thought the animation was horrible. I don’t understand the faces the appeal in the faces that I saw on the characters’ faces. They were gross looking and made the show feel even more childish than it should have felt. Just because a show is intended for kids does not mean it shouldn’t appeal to adults as well.
Voice Acting +:
Despite all the hate I have been giving, the voice acting feels natural.
Humor -: I used to like the humor as a kid but now that I watch it, I realize that the humor feels pretty forced and never made me laugh. It relies on dumb, childish jokes (such as making Johnny have a super fart power) as well as constant repetition.
Sound Quality -: The sound quality would be fine, if it were not for annoying sound effects being blared every 2 seconds. Sound effects are fine if used to emphasize major points but Johnny Test takes it to an extreme. I am not even joking when I say that there were times that every other word a character said, a new sound effect played.
Plot Consistency +: The plot is so basic that it is difficult not to follow through with it.
Rewatch Ability -: The show doesn’t really have anything going for it for anyone to have a drive to watch it again.
Creativity -: Everything feels pretty clichéd and not very creative.
Dialogue -: The dialogue is honestly really repetitive and simplistic. The show is obviously targeted solely for children and I always feel like that is not a smart decision for show makers to decide to do because they are isolating their audience to a very small percentage of viewers.
Length -: I feel like this show didn’t need to be so long because the plot was not worthy of having 6 seasons.
Setting -: The setting is actually pretty boring and not enticing. Most of the episodes are just Johnny and Dukey in his house or at his school.
Errors +: It’s almost impossible to have any plot errors with such a simplistic plot.

Quality Score: 3.5/10

Entertainment Score: 4/10

I feel like this show is great for one purpose: background noise. That’s the sole reason I actually got far enough to review this show. Even as a kid, this show is not a suitable fit for anyone to spend as long as I did watching it. Avoid this show at all costs. It is not a good show for kids or adults.


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