Twilight (Movie Reviews #2)

The story follows high school junior Bella Swan as she transfers midyear from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington. Bella is portrayed right away as an awkward character through her various interactions with the supporting characters. Then, she meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious heart throb, in her science class. Through a series of odd events, such as finding out he is a vampire, she starts talking to the faceless boy and develops a love for him. Luckily, the love is mutual and their relationship takes off. The story then continues with the audience watching what kind of adventures a vampire-human relationship could ensue.
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: PG-13
Time: 2 hours 2 minutes
Series: Twilight #1
Based on: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
Production Company: Summit Entertainment

Plot -: The concept of having a relationship with a vampire and a human is not very original.
Story -: The presentation of the plot is very sub par.
Characters -: I disliked Bella so much because I could not relate to her. She was so awkward and she just did so many stupid things. I also knew nothing about her or any of the other characters, which is sub par characterization.
Dialogue -: Most of the dialogue is incredibly awkward. I understand that Edward and Bella are supposed to be awkward, but the dialogue seemed excessive.
Music +: I actually really enjoyed the music. Most of the tracks are punk rock, alternative, and rock; don’t quote me though.
Special Effects +: I actually liked the special effects because they have aged quite well.
Acting -: Most of the acting was very awkward, with many moments having awkward silences.
Errors -: There were quite a few noticeable errors. Despite the fact that I have seen this movie multiple times and know it very well, I could still spot new errors easily.
Camera -: I thought the camera went to too many different angles too many times.
Length -: The length of the movie mirrors the length of the book; however, I still felt like it should have ended earlier or at least, some parts could have been eliminated.
Humor +: There are actually quite a few moments I still laugh out loud at.
Sound Quality -: I found too many instances of hearing ruffling of clothes only. Much of the sound was a little fuzzy.
Plot Consistency -: It felt like the plot was starting to focus on the problems that vampires deal with instead of actually just trying to make a relationship work with a vampire.
Re-watch Ability -: I can’t see myself watching this movie again.
Creativeness –: Neither the plot nor the story is creative.
Sets -: A lot of the sets, or more the lighting, was not very good. Everyone looked either really dark or really pale.

Quality Score: 4/10

Entertainment Score: 5/10

This movie was very mediocre. It doesn’t help that I don’t really like Twilight or romance anyway. Still, a lot of the errors I discussed ruined the entertainment experience. I do not recommend this title unless you really enjoyed the book.