Coming to America (Movie Reviews #1)

Akeem, an African prince, along with his loyal friend, Semmi, travel to America in order for Akeem to find a suitable bride, since he is being unfairly forced into one in his home country of Zamunda. However, the duo is only given 40 days to do so. They visit Queens, New York in order to find a queen.
Rating: R
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Time: 1 hour 56 minutes
Director: John Landis
Production Co: Paramount Pictures

Plot +: The plot and the ideology of Akeem were fresh.
Story +: The story aspects were enjoyable yet simple.
Characters +: None of the characters are annoying. Akeem especially was a character type that I really enjoyed.
Dialogue +: I don’t recall any instance where the dialogue was excessive or annoying.
Music +: The music was fitting for the situations of the movie.
Acting +: With stars like Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, the acting was phenomenal. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall actually played majority of the characters.
Errors +: I saw no errors.
Camera +: I saw no issues regarding the camera.
Length +: The length was perfect.
Humor +: While the humor was a big aspect of the movie. When I first watched Coming to America, I did not find it very humorous, however, when I watched it again I did find the humor funny. It is subtle but enjoyable.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality was fine.
Plot Consistency +: The plot stayed consistent throughout the movie.
Rewatch ability +: I would watch this movie again because it is very humorous and Akeem is a refreshing character.
Creativity +: The movie, I felt, was very creative. Coming to America featured a man from another country leaving immense wealth to search for the woman of his dreams. Most romantic comedies have average people living in average circumstances just trying to be happy. This difference was refreshing.
Sets +: The sets were very expansive and I no problems with them.

Quality Score: 10/10

Entertainment Score: 8/10

Conclusion: I really enjoyed this movie. If you like humor along the line of Eddie Murphy’s works, then Coming to America is for you. Even though it is rated R, there aren’t any violent scenes, too many cursing moments, and only one instance of nudity. This movie is a great movie that you should watch if you are looking for a unique take on romantic comedies.


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