Shopaholic and Sister (Book Reviews #1)


Shopaholic and Sister introduces our main protagonist, Becky Bloomwood, now Becky Brandon, on her month long honeymoon with her new husband, the famous Luke Brandon. Right from the beginning, Becky portrays herself to be ditzy and addicted to shopping. She even buys an excessive amount of merchandise while on her overseas honeymoon including: expensive bags, dining tables, and dresses. Because she has been away for so long, she decides to travel back to London to go back to her life. Of course, this means that Luke must return to his life as well. He starts to focus solely on his work and he seems different than the man she knew overseas. To add on this, upon coming home, Becky is introduced to her long lost sister, Jessica. Shopaholic and Sister continues with Becky trying to adjust to her newly found life as a sister and wife.

Page Numbers: 383
Series: Shopaholic #4 (But Order doesn’t matter)
Chapters: 25
Genre: Casual/Fiction
Author: Sophie Kinsella


Plot -: The plot is pretty basic and it will not provide anything unique or different.
Suspense -: I could see where suspense could have been implemented, but the book was so comedic that I could not take it seriously.
Setting +: The setting was fine, but pretty basic for casual types.
Characters -: The characters were not too annoying but they were not very relatable.
Writing Quality -: The book was written very casually, but sometimes it is improper.
Story +: I like how Kinsella added various problems for Becky to encounter.
Plot Consistency -: With that being said, because Kinsella focuses on adding new story elements, the plot can get kind of muddled. In other words, the plot is not organized and often adds new elements that can drive the reader from the main point.
Reread ability +: Shopaholic and Sister is a very easy read. The writing style is very simple and easy on the eyes.
Creativeness -: Kinsella does not have any aspect in Shopaholic and Sister that is innovative.
Length +: I had no problem with the length.
Humor +: Becky is kind of an idiot and watching how she reacts to situations can surely be humorous.

Quality Score: 7/10

Entertainment Score: 8/10

This book is mostly suited for people who aren’t reading for any kind of quality. If you want a cute, fun, quick book to read, this book is for you. If not, I don’t think this book is for you.


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