Coming to America (Movie Reviews #1)

Akeem, an African prince, along with his loyal friend, Semmi, travel to America in order for Akeem to find a suitable bride, since he is being unfairly forced into one in his home country of Zamunda. However, the duo is only given 40 days to do so. They visit Queens, New York in order to find a queen.
Rating: R
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Time: 1 hour 56 minutes
Director: John Landis
Production Co: Paramount Pictures

Plot +: The plot and the ideology of Akeem were fresh.
Story +: The story aspects were enjoyable yet simple.
Characters +: None of the characters are annoying. Akeem especially was a character type that I really enjoyed.
Dialogue +: I don’t recall any instance where the dialogue was excessive or annoying.
Music +: The music was fitting for the situations of the movie.
Acting +: With stars like Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, the acting was phenomenal. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall actually played majority of the characters.
Errors +: I saw no errors.
Camera +: I saw no issues regarding the camera.
Length +: The length was perfect.
Humor +: While the humor was a big aspect of the movie. When I first watched Coming to America, I did not find it very humorous, however, when I watched it again I did find the humor funny. It is subtle but enjoyable.
Sound Quality +: The sound quality was fine.
Plot Consistency +: The plot stayed consistent throughout the movie.
Rewatch ability +: I would watch this movie again because it is very humorous and Akeem is a refreshing character.
Creativity +: The movie, I felt, was very creative. Coming to America featured a man from another country leaving immense wealth to search for the woman of his dreams. Most romantic comedies have average people living in average circumstances just trying to be happy. This difference was refreshing.
Sets +: The sets were very expansive and I no problems with them.

Quality Score: 10/10

Entertainment Score: 8/10

Conclusion: I really enjoyed this movie. If you like humor along the line of Eddie Murphy’s works, then Coming to America is for you. Even though it is rated R, there aren’t any violent scenes, too many cursing moments, and only one instance of nudity. This movie is a great movie that you should watch if you are looking for a unique take on romantic comedies.


Shopaholic and Sister (Book Reviews #1)


Shopaholic and Sister introduces our main protagonist, Becky Bloomwood, now Becky Brandon, on her month long honeymoon with her new husband, the famous Luke Brandon. Right from the beginning, Becky portrays herself to be ditzy and addicted to shopping. She even buys an excessive amount of merchandise while on her overseas honeymoon including: expensive bags, dining tables, and dresses. Because she has been away for so long, she decides to travel back to London to go back to her life. Of course, this means that Luke must return to his life as well. He starts to focus solely on his work and he seems different than the man she knew overseas. To add on this, upon coming home, Becky is introduced to her long lost sister, Jessica. Shopaholic and Sister continues with Becky trying to adjust to her newly found life as a sister and wife.

Page Numbers: 383
Series: Shopaholic #4 (But Order doesn’t matter)
Chapters: 25
Genre: Casual/Fiction
Author: Sophie Kinsella


Plot -: The plot is pretty basic and it will not provide anything unique or different.
Suspense -: I could see where suspense could have been implemented, but the book was so comedic that I could not take it seriously.
Setting +: The setting was fine, but pretty basic for casual types.
Characters -: The characters were not too annoying but they were not very relatable.
Writing Quality -: The book was written very casually, but sometimes it is improper.
Story +: I like how Kinsella added various problems for Becky to encounter.
Plot Consistency -: With that being said, because Kinsella focuses on adding new story elements, the plot can get kind of muddled. In other words, the plot is not organized and often adds new elements that can drive the reader from the main point.
Reread ability +: Shopaholic and Sister is a very easy read. The writing style is very simple and easy on the eyes.
Creativeness -: Kinsella does not have any aspect in Shopaholic and Sister that is innovative.
Length +: I had no problem with the length.
Humor +: Becky is kind of an idiot and watching how she reacts to situations can surely be humorous.

Quality Score: 7/10

Entertainment Score: 8/10

This book is mostly suited for people who aren’t reading for any kind of quality. If you want a cute, fun, quick book to read, this book is for you. If not, I don’t think this book is for you.

Wizard101 (Video Game Reviews #1)


Story: This children’s MMO follows a self-created wizard who is the designated hero of the spiral, Wizard101’s version of a solar system, consisting of: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Grizzleheim, Marleybone, Mooshu, Celestia, Dragonspyre, Wysteria, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, Aquila, Tale of Four Dungeons, Khrysalis, and Polaris. Although the main quest is to destroy Malistaire, who wants to destroy the balance of the spiral and take control of it, the game continues to give side quests. If you want to only play to the end of the original story, Dragonsypre would be the last world you complete. Since it is an MMO, the quests are usually pretty cookie-cutter. However, the main hook to this game is the cards aspect. Wizard101 is a turn based strategy card MMO where each school (myth, death, storm, balance, life, fire, and ice) has its own cards or spells. Each spell is unique and has its own power and strategy. Getting every spell is very satisfying and performing each new card is very satisfying. Other enticing aspects include: treasure cards(more powerful cards that can be used only once), castles(homes), pets(you are able to train, evolve, and even race other pets), bosses that drop special items, etc.
Publisher: Kingsisle
Rating: E10
Time Taken: 1 year (I played mostly during school breaks)
Genre: Fantasy-Magic/Turn Based Strategy-Card/MMORPG

Plot -: The plot is very basic and not enticing at all
Story +: Varied options allow for high entertainment value. To name a few options added to the game not directly involved in the story line are: gardening, crafting, dueling, pet dueling, etc.
Framerate +: Most of the time lag and frame rate posed no issues.
Creativeness -: The game is not very creative and is not known for being creative. It is a basic MMO that plays it safe, so understand that before you play it.
Art -: The art is pretty childish and not for everyone. I can imagine many people will be drawn away from the game play because of the simplistic art style.
Graphics -: The graphics are quite pixelly and I can see that distracting many avid players from enjoying the game.
Gameplay +: The gameplay is smooth and there aren’t many issues that divert the players from enjoying the game.
Replay Value +: For some reason, I love this game and always want to play it again. The only problem about replaying it is that it is not a free-to-play MMO. However this issue is solved because Wizard101 supplies cards at various stores such as Gamestop and Walmart that provide membership for a maximum of 1 month.
Control +: The controls are basic, but work fine
Satisfaction of Winning +: When you finish a quest or get a new item, it is satisfying and you want to keep earning such treasures; pretty standard for most MMOs.
Consistency of Plot -: I thought the game should have ended when you beat Malistaire because that was the original plot of the game. The developers created another enemy to defeat last minute and I don’t think it was a wise decision to continue to expand the game. I understand that it is a MMO, and expansion is custom, however, I feel that Wizard101 could have still survived without adding a new villain that is just a ploy to get money.
Difficulty -: Depending on your school, the game can be pretty difficult or pretty easy. However, every school should have had consistency with the difficulty.
Graphics -: The graphics are childish and there were many instances of sloppiness regarding coloring within the characters.
Sidequests and Others +: There is a lot to do outside of the main quests and the variety means that there’s something for everyone
Animation +: The animation was pretty good; I don’t remember anything wrong with it. However the animation is very childish, so, be warned if that is not your style.
Sound Quality +: The voices were fine and suited the characters well.
Sound Effects +: The few sound effects were fine and suited the game’s atmosphere fine.
Camera +: No issues considering the game had a constant third-person perspective; the camera stayed in a fixed position the entire time.
Proofreading in Story +: There may have been a few errors, but I don’t remember much.
Glitches -: There were many glitches, although most of them were not game breaking. Some examples of glitches were: your sprite disappearing, your pet appearing on top of a raised surface, and your character going through walls.

Quality Score: 6/10

Entertainment Score: 9.5/10

This is probably ridiculous because the quality score and entertainment score are so far apart; however, I loved this game as a kid and I still feel like I love it. Please understand that for the entertainment score, I may be a little biased. For a normal person who has no nostalgia with Wizard101, the entertainment value may not be as high. However, for young players, this game is very much worth the time. If you have the money, time, and like turn based strategy games involving cards, I would definitely recommend this game.